51 Fun Things to do While Camping with Kids & Friends

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Going camping with friends and family members is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship, relax, and forget about the worries back home. On top of that, you’ll be able to enjoy Mother Nature at her finest. Being out in nature will help to put your mind at ease and reduce stress levels.

With all the great reasons to camp, you may be thinking, what are some of the best things to do while camping with friends? We have written an informative guide below on things to do while camping.

Fun Things to Do While You’re Camping

The nice thing about camping is you’ll be able to enjoy many activities including relaxing, cooking, and fishing. Before you get into having fun it is a good idea to set up your campsite first. Afterwards it is time to have some fun. These activities can be a great time and they’ll take your mind off the worries back home.

1. Relaxing

Remember that you’re on vacation so you shouldn’t feel obligated to work or answer emails. You’ll want to kick back, relax, and waste the entire day doing nothing. Relaxing while camping can be done in just about anyway. Put your feet up, relax with a book or a casual conversation, or maybe hang out in a hammock.

2. Cooking

Whenever I go camping it’s always exciting to cook a delicious meal to celebrate the occasion. If you’re going to do that, you’ll need to collect extra firewood so you can keep the fire going all night. Roasting marshmallows and hotdog wieners is the easy choice, but check out some awesome recipes on Pinterest to spice things up a bit.

Best Camping Recipes:

Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking

The Camp Dutch Oven Cookbook

Coleman The Outdoor Adventure Cookbook

3. Setting Up Your Campsite

This should be the first thing you do. Make sure your campsite is clear of debris before getting started. If you have a few people with you, coordinate tasks like setting up the tent, unloading the car, gathering necessary supplies, etc.

4. Collecting Firewood

Before the fun begins, you’ll want to set up your campsite with your family and collect firewood. This will ensure that you’ll have shelter and will be able to start a fire if it gets cold that night. While you’re collecting firewood, you may be able to see animals in the nearby woods and you’ll be spending quality time with the people who matter to you.

5. Going Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular camping activities to do. Make sure to pack a lighter and portable fishing rod if you are trying to save space. Check the nearby lakes to see what type of fishes are in the water and the best kind of bait to use if you want to catch something.

Camping Activities for Kids

If you’re going to go camping with kids, you’ll want to make sure you have some entertainment ideas in hand. This will make a big difference and help ensure that the camping trip stays entertaining from start to finish. Here are some of our favorites. Ultimately, the possibilities are endless. All of these, at the very least, will help your children expand their minds and explore new activities

6. Ghost Stories

When the sun goes down and everyone is sitting around the campfire, you’ll want to share ghost stories. Make sure they’re not too scary since the kids are around.

7. Work on Crafts

Being out in nature is a great way to work on your creative side. You can bring materials from home, or find some in nature. Grab some twigs, branches, leaves, rock, and whatever else you can find and be creative.

8. Make S’mores

If the kids get hungry, you can grab a few Hershey candies and make S’mores. Everyone remembers their first S’mores and the gooey chocolate and marshmallow taste it provides. Show them how to do it once first, and then they’ll be making them for years.

Best Camping S'mores:

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9. Hide-and-seek

Camping is a great time for a good old game hide-and-seek. There is so much open space for you to hide. If you are afraid of someone getting lost, set up a boundary.

10. Tag

There’s something about playing tag that reminds us of our carefree childhood days. Tag can be an excellent source of entertainment while camping. Best of all it requires no equipment. Just be careful to not trip over roots or stones when playing.

11. Geocaching

Geocaching can be another fun activity to do. Use a global positioning system to hide and seek certain containers in specific locations. It’s almost like a treasure hunt in the woods.

12. Make Nature Sketches

Don’t forget to experiment with making nature sketches since it is wonderful and fun for every member of your party. Bring some paper, pencils, and pencil crayons and you can have a lot of fun sketching nature at its finest.

13. Wildlife Bingo

If you are going to a campground with a lot of wild animals, wildlife bingo could be a great activity. It helps to do a bit of research on the animals that you may see. There are plenty of detailed wildlife bingo cards available online.

Nature Activities

Since you’re going to be surrounded by Mother Nature, you’ll want to get out there and explore. You’ll want to see the local wildlife, watch the birds, and balance rocks.

14. Bird Watching

Being out in the woods means you’re in bird territory. It will be a blast to watch one bird leap from tree to tree before taking off and soaring through the air gracefully.

15. Animal Watching

If you’re really careful and quiet, you’ll be able to sneak up on squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife in the area. Watching them in their natural habitat can be a real treat.

16. Piling or Balancing Rocks

This is one of the simplest means of entertainment. If you’re exploring during the day, you should bring a few rocks and pebbles back to camp with you. Once you’ve done that, you can hold a competition to see who can balance the rocks best.

17. Hiking

We often say the best way to find these animal and birds is by taking everyone on a hiking trip. You will also get to explore more of the surrounding area this way.

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18. Nature or Wildlife Photography

If you have a digital camera, you’ll want to photograph nature and the wildlife nearby. You should be able to get awesome natural lighting and shots in the wild.

19. Tree or Rock Climbing

If you’re a competent climber, there will be ample opportunities for climbing. Make sure to pack a first aid kit as you never know what can happen. This activity is best done with at least a pair of people

20. Collecting Rocks

There are all sorts of unique rocks out in nature. They can be used as tools or just for fun. Keep an eye out for them while exploring.

Activities Around A Bonfire

Nothing is better than sitting around the bonfire with the ones you love. The fire will keep you warm and you’ll get to know the others so much more.

21. Play Truth of Dare

There are many ways to pass time while sitting around the bonfire with one of the best being playing Truth or Dare. This is a great way to learn more about the people around you. Do they have secrets that they do not want to share? Playing this game is one of the best ways to find out.

22. Camping Marshmallows

You’ll also want to roast marshmallows and share them with others. It helps to bring some long wooden sticks from the grocery store beforehand.

23. Cooking over a Campfire

You can also cook numerous meals over the campfire including beans, hot dogs, and so much more (Pinterest has some awesome recipes). It’s a lot more fun and rewarding to cook a simple meal outside over a campfire.

24. Sing/Play Music

If you need to burn off some energy before bedtime, you’ll want to sing, and play music around the fire. This is a great time to but out those old camp songs or your guitar playing skills.

25. Dance Around the Fire

As you serenade the campers with music, people may start dancing. However, you shouldn’t get too close. If you have small kids in your camp, you’ll want to instruct them to keep a safe distance away from the fire to avoid potential burns.

Rainy Day & Tent Camp Activities

Unfortunately, you never know what is going to happen out there on the campsite. In the worst case, it is going to rain all weekend and you won’t be able to go hiking. If this happens, you may believe packing up and going home is your best option. This isn’t the case. There are many excellent activities that you’ll be able to enjoy inside of your tent. In fact, this will allow you to get personal with your friends, family members, and children.

26. Read Books and Magazines

Reading books or magazines is a great option for a rainy day. Brew yourself a cup of tea and catch up on the novel you’ve fallen behind on.

27. Play Cards

One of the most important things to bring with you while camping is a deck of cards. There will always be downtime when camping and playing cards can help pass the time.

28. Play Board Games

If you check the forecast and see its going to be raining while you’re away, tell everyone to bring some board games. They’re always fun in a group setting.

Best Camping Board Games:

Giant Tumbling Timber Toy - Jumbo JR. Wooden Blocks Floor Game

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29. Play on Electronic Devices

Even though most think of getting away from devices while camping they can be beneficial too. Just don’t use them all the time.

30. Take a Nap

If nothing else seems interesting there’s always the option of catching up on some sleep. A nap with the sound of rainfall can be very soothing.

Night-Time Activities

When the sun goes down for the day, many believe it is time to climb into the sleeping bag and shut their eyes. You’ll want to stay up a bit longer since this is when the fun begins. You’re on vacation and shouldn’t go to sleep too early.

31. Star Gaze

First things first, you can sit outside and gaze up at the stars. You can help your children or partner find the constellations and the big and little dipper. You won’t often have views of the night sky like this in the city.

32. Go for a Nighttime Walk

If you get antsy and want to move around, you can take everyone for a nighttime walk. You may hear the rustle of animals who are hunting for food at night.

33. Watch a Movie

If you’d prefer more of a quiet night inside your tent, watch a movie on your device. If you are worried about not having internet, make sure you download it beforehand.

34. Play Flashlight Tag

Playing flashlight tag is an excellent way to help your children burn energy before they lay down for bed. Make sure everyone has a flashlight and doesn’t stray too far.

35. Make Shadow Puppets

Impress your fellow campers with your shadow puppet skills. This can be fun to do by the campfire to add some zest to your stories.

Camping Activities for Couples

Going camping with your significant other is one of the best ways to build your relationship. After a weekend out in the campground, you can guarantee that your relationship will be stronger than ever before. Just make sure that you’re enjoying the right things together. These small moments like gazing at the night stars with the person you love are ones we cherish for a lifetime.

36. Watch the Sunset

Watching the sunset with your main squeeze by your side is an incredibly romantic experience. Cuddle up with one another and enjoy the beautiful view.

37. Snuggle

Camping provides so many awesome opportunities to snuggle. Whether it be in a hammock, by the campfire, or watching the sunset.

38. Romantic Dinner

Believe it or not, a camping dinner can be an incredibly romantic dinner. Get both of you involved with the process and have fun with it. You’ll have a rewarding meal under the night stars.

39. No Phone Zone

You’ll also want to establish a “no phone zone” so nobody gets distracted by phone calls. This is supposed to be couples time, make sure that’s clear.

40. Would you Rather

If you get bored, you always have the option of playing the “Would you rather?” game with your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s a great way to learn more about them.

41. Get a Sleeping Bag or Hammock for two

Be sure to bring a sleeping bag or hammock for two so you can stay close and snug together throughout the trip.

Best Camping Hammocks:

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Camp Water Activities

Camp water activities are available in campgrounds with swimming pools, lakes, or nearby beaches.

42. Swimming, Diving or Snorkeling

When the weather is hot and humid, swimming, diving, and snorkeling can be utilized to keep children cool and entertained.

43. Boating, Canoeing, or Kayaking

It really depends on the campground but it may be possible to rent a kayak, boat, or canoe. Public campgrounds generally provide the safety gear and various rental packages. Keep in mind, kayaking and canoeing require a lot of energy. So, if there are young children in your group, it may be best to keep the activities to a minimum.

44. Skipping Rocks

When most people imaging camping, they often picture themselves by the lake in a boat, or skipping rocks. Find a flat rock to have the most success.

45. Floating or Lounging

Floating on an inflatable is a great way to experience the water if you or a camper isn’t the most experienced swimmer. Just remember to keep an eye on them.

46. Water Gun/Water Balloon Fight

When you are not frolicking in the water, you can have a water balloon fights or water gun battles in a quiet area of the beach. This is a nice way to stay cool and have fun.

Best Camping Water Guns:

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Camp Sports Activities

Many state campgrounds have green areas that can be utilized for all kinds of outdoor sports. Some will even provide the bases, goals, dugouts, and disc golf nets.

47. Football, Kickball and Soccer

There is going to be a lot of free time when camping outdoors. That time could be utilized to play camp sports activities, such as football, kickball, and soccer. The great benefit of camp sports activities is they do not require a lot of equipment. In fact, all you need is willing participants and a ball.

48. Riding Bikes

Riding bikes is a great pastime for children, teens, and adults. Of course, you will need to provide your own bikes and safety gear because these are not often offered by public campgrounds. Some campgrounds are near bike paths too so you may want to research that.

49. Disc Gold (Frisbee golf)

If the campsite has the right equipment, disc golf can be a fun means of entertainment. We do suggest you bring a frisbee regardless, as they are fun and lightweight.

50. Badminton

Badminton is a fun game and one you can get creative with while camping. If you bring racquets and a birdie, you can make nets out of materials that you find laying around.

51. Baseball

Finally, baseball can be another fun outdoor activity. It requires a open space if you want to have a real game. However, you can bring a couple mitts and play some catch to pass the time.

As mentioned above, many campgrounds have green areas specifically set up for outdoor activities. You will be responsible for providing safety gear and sports equipment.

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