Hennessy Camping Hammock Review 2021: Is it The Best Hammock?

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Getting a good night's sleep (or perhaps a power nap during the day) can be a challenge for every camper. Well, not when you have Hennessy hammock. Touted for its lightness, durability, and comfort - it's something that you would want to have in your camping essentials.

Let us start by saying that the Hennessy hammock is not your average camping hammock. It's the only hammock in the market that features an asymmetrical shape. This patented design lets you lie down as flat as possible.

In this post, we'll talk about the features, pros and cons, and the technical details of the Hennessy hammock. Ultimately, before you leave our site, you should be able to assess whether it's the right one for you.

Hennessy Hammock



An innovative, ultra-lightweight camping hammock with an asymmetrical design that allows you to lie as flat as possible. The hammock can carry up to 250 pounds of weight. It’s made with a superior type of nylon that is weatherproof and resistant to mold. It’s a complete shelter system which includes a rain fly.

  • Comfort
  • Set-up
  • Quality
  • Price


Reasons to Buy:

  • Very easy to set up, tie, and untie. Literally takes seconds to tie the knot.
  • Strong and lightweight. Perfect for backpacking
  • Comfortable. Provides plenty of room for a single person
  • The bottom entry works to keep the bugs away
  • Flexible. Can be used with or without a rain fly
  • Adjustable burner controls


  • Weight Limit: 250 lbs

  • Material: 70d nylon taffeta

  • Rainfly Included

  • Setup Time: 2 minutes or less

  • Item Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz

  • Hammock Size: 10′ x 4.92′


Who Is the Hennessy Hammock For?

The Hennessy Hammock has been around for over 20 years so it's not surprising why it's one of the most popular selections in the market today. It's used by campers, ultralight backpackers,  soldiers, mountaineers, and other extreme adventurers.

It is also used in medical expeditions and scientific explorations where doctors and/or researchers need a lightweight, bug-proof, and weatherproof shelter. Additionally, it is easy to set up even in extreme environments (e.g. inside caves and underwater tunnels).

The Hennessy hammock has also made its way into disaster relief operations. In particular, it has been used by Search and Rescue (SAR) teams as an emergency stretcher for patients or disaster victims.

While the Hennessy hammock sounds like "a lot" for the average person, this gear can also be enjoyed by families and individuals who simply love exploring the outdoors. Whether you're staying at a camp site for a few days, backpacking solo, or going for a scenic drive with the gang, the Hennessy hammock is a helpful gear to have.

What Hammock Type Is Hennessy?

The Hennessy is single-type hammock generally used for camping and other outdoor activities. It’s designed for anyone weighing up to 250 pounds. Unlike traditional single hammocks with 4 to 5-foot range, this one can be used by a person who is 6 feet tall.

It’s also classified as an ultra-light hammock as it weighs just 2 lbs. and 12 oz. However, there is always a trade-off for this advantage. And that is the limited capacity. As mentioned, the Hennessy hammock is only good for a person weighing not more than 250 lbs. That said, it’s not for the biggest or heaviest campers.

Like any other camping hammock, the Hennessy is very portable. It’s easy to pack, transport, and set up. It’s made with a superior type of nylon fabric that is lightweight, weatherproof, and mold resistant.

Hennessy Hammock Features Quality Test

Easy Setup

How to set up Hennessy Hammock

Setting up the Hennessy hammock is such a breeze. The fastest recorded time to install it was 38 seconds, according to the brand's official website.

To set it up, you need two stable poles or trees to attach your hammock to. The recommended distance between trees is 3.5 to 7.5 meters for the Expedition Series, and 4 - 8 meters for the Safari and Explorer Series.

Additionally, the hammock should be tied at a chair height when you sit down. Note that the farther the trees are, the higher you would have to attach the webbing straps.

Tip: Tying the ropes using the lashing technique prevents jammed knots and ensure that your ropes will last for a long time. To do this, simply wrap the webbing straps at least once around the tree. Then, bring the loops together in line with the opposite tree. Pass the rope ends through the loops and adjust the hammock until it is centered and the ridge line is leveled. Watch this short video to see how it works.


The Hennessy hammock comes in different varieties but they essentially have the same asymmetrical design.

It's a patented technology so you won't see it in any other camping hammock in the market. The asymmetrical shape of the Hennessy hammock provides superior comfort when you're lying diagonally.

Bug Protection

Hennessy Hammock bug protection

When you're sleeping in the wild, the last thing you want to happen is to get bitten by bugs and mosquitoes. The Hennessy Hammock Classic features a bottom entrance that snaps closed under the weight of your body and seals with Velcro.

Meanwhile, the Zip model has a side entrance that comes with a durable zipper and two double sliders. You can hold open the mesh so you can watch the night sky as you doze, bug-free.


The Hennessy hammock is made of thick nylon fabric that protects you against light drizzle and wind. It also comes with a waterproof polyester rainfly that can be titled to any angle, rolled up, or completely separated from the hammock.

Even in winter, the mosquito mesh serves an important purpose. It blocks 90% of the wind so you can rest peacefully in your hammock, as if you're in a cocoon. Additionally, you can insulate your hammock by purchasing a heating pad that you can just clip inside.


With a packed weight of 2 lbs. 13 oz., this hammock is approved by ultralight backpackers. And even if you're carrying heavy loads, tucking the Hennessy hammock into your backpack won't be an issue as it is so light.

Note, however, that Hennessy also makes bigger-sized hammocks. Basically, bigger hammocks are more comfortable if you don't mind the extra ounces.


The Hennessy hammock is made with a 70d high density nylon with double-stitched seams. Such a type of fabric is highly durable. With proper care and use, this hammock can last for many, many years.

Features We Love

Best Hennessy Hammock features

Patented Structural Ridge line

What makes the Hennessy stand out from other hammocks is its patented structural ridge line. Its main advantage is that it sets how far you can stretch out your hammock. Additionally, it sets the curve at a fixed structure to allow the flattest diagonal lie.

Furthermore, the ridge line enables you to set it up your hammock perfectly each and every time.

Sliding Mesh Gear Loft

The sliding mesh gear loft allows you to maximize the available space to keep essential items close by, such as your camera, phone, or a few snacks. It's a super handy feature that every camper, hiker, or backpacker will surely appreciate.

Suspending Ropes

This hammock is equipped with suspending ropes that are 6 times stronger than their rated weight limit. Therefore, you can confidently sleep and rest without the fear of falling down to the ground.

Side or Bottom Entry

You get to choose which one you prefer most. If you prefer getting inside the hammock from the bottom, go for the classic model. It snaps closed automatically and seals with Velcro.

This style works great when you're stuck in an area that's heavily infested with mosquitoes or when there's a wave of mosquitoes following you. Before they know it, you're already inside your hammock, safe and sound!

If the side entry appeals more to you, choose the Zip model. It makes setting up your bedding a little easier but it could also make it easier for mosquitoes to follow you inside.

Complete Shelter System

A great alternative to tents, the Hennessy hammock is a complete shelter system that can be used even in the most challenging or demanding conditions. This hammock comes with quality support ropes, a detachable rain fly, and webbing straps.

What Buyers Say About Their Hennessy Hammock?


  • Super easy to set up. Literally takes seconds to tie and untie.
  • Well-made. The double-stitched seams ensure that the fabric doesn't detach from the frame or ridge line.
  • Despite its heavy-duty build, the Hennessy hammock remains incredibly lightweight.
  • Comfortable. The hammock has plenty of room for a single person, and it's lengthy enough that a 6-foot tall person won't feel cramped inside.
  • The asymmetrical design lets you lay almost flat, as if you're on a regular bed.
  • Flexible. Can be used with or without a rain fly.
  • The hammock is pretty dark when you get inside so it's easier for you to fall asleep.
  • For its price, it's worth the investment given its durability and features.


  • Can be a bit chilly when you don't have something under you, such as a ground cover or an insulation pad.
  • The rain fly included in the package is a little small. You may need to upgrade to a bigger one if you're camping out for more than a few days.

What is Included?

As mentioned, each Hennessy hammock is a complete shelter system. When you purchase it, the product comes with support ropes, webbing straps, mosquito mesh, a gear loft on the ridge line, a detachable rain fly that matches the color and design of your hammock, and a stuff pack with set up instruction on the back.

The package also includes free TreeHugger webbing straps that help protect your ropes and the tender bark of trees. Additionally, it comes with two sizes of longer webbing straps that are useful when you're tying your hammock to bigger trees.

Technical Specs

  • Height Limit: 6' tall / 183 cm
  • Weight Limit: 250 lbs 
  • Packed Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz not including 3 oz webbing straps
  • Packed Size: 4" x 7" x 9" / 10 cm x 18 cm x 23 cm
  • Hammock Fabric: 70d high density nylon taffeta
  • Bottom Fabric Dimensions: 120" x 59" / 305 cm x 150 cm
  • Zipper:  Heavy duty black double slider #10 YKK zipper
  • Mesh: 30d polyester No-See-Um netting
  • Suspending Ropes: 10' / 305 cm, 1500 lbs test polyester rope
  • Webbing Straps: 1.5" x 42" / 3.8 cm x 107 cm black polyester
  • Rainfly Weight: 10 oz
  • Rainfly Fabric: 70d polyurethane coated polyester Ripstop
  • Rainfly Dimensions: Parallelogram 63" x 99" / 160 cm x 252 cm Diagonal length above ridge line 132" / 335 cm
  • Color: Hunter green hammock with hunter green fly and black trim
  • Stuff Sack: Logo and set up instructions printed on Ripstop polyester bag 5/8 oz /

Hennessy Hammock Alternatives

NameG4Free Large Camping HammockCovacure Camping HammockWINNER Double Camping HammockLegit Camping Double Hammock
Item Weight1.9 lbs1.79 lbs26.4 lbs1.87 lbs (ropes included)
Weight Limit440 lbs772 lbs500 lbs400 lbs
Height Limit6 feet6 feet190T Polyester6 feet
Material70D Nylon210T parachute nylon210T parachute nylon210T Nylon
Item Dimension114 x 57 x 0.1 inches114 x 55 X 0.1 inches118 x 78 x 0.1 inches120 inches x 79 inches
Packed Size48 x 11 x 10.5 in48 x 11 x 10.5 in5.5L x 6.5H x 4.5W inches9 x 4 inches
Straps2, 2x 9ft flat strapsNylon, 22, 11-8inNylon Tree Saver Strap
RainflyDetachableNot includedNot includedNot included
CarabinerSteel, 2Iron, 2Steel, 2Steel, 2
 Loops 5616 6
Setup30 seconds2 minutes2 minutes2 minutes

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