Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review 2021

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Are you looking for a comfortable outdoor sleeping arrangement? The Core 9 person instant cabin tent can instantly change your camping game.

Read on to see if this tent is the right choice for you.

Who Is Core 9 Tent For?

Core 9 appeals to families and large groups. It is ideal for camping trips with your family or friends, open-air festivals, summer vacations, and even backyard gatherings.

Its greatest highlight is the huge 14 x 9 feet (4.26 x 2.74 m) floor size that allows for multiple sleeping arrangements. You can easily fit in two queen size air mattresses, while a convenient space divider makes it possible to set up two independent rooms.

The tent sleeps up to 9 adults at a tight squeeze, or 7-8 adults if you need room for your gear, too, as the tent doesn't have a vestibule.

Perfect for summer camping, it also impresses with large mesh windows and a panoramic mesh ceiling that ensure proper airflow as well as splendid views of the night sky. Condensation will never be an issue in this tent, but don't expect warmth to build up in it either.

As such, if you look for a tent to use in the cooler seasons too, this one is not it. You might also feel a bit chill in it on rainy days or nights.

When packed, it measures 48 x 11 x 10.5 inches (122 x 28 x 27 cm). At 35.15 pounds (16.3 kg), it is relatively lightweight, so an adult should still be able to carry and handle it easily despite its larger size.

What Tent Type Is The Core 9?


Core 9 is an instant cabin tent. Its instant feature refers to the tent's ability to be erected in less than 5 minutes, thanks to pre-installed poles. The tent comes with setup instructions that make it easy even for first-time users to set it up and take it down effortlessly. In a nutshell, it's as easy to setup as it is easy to open an umbrella.

The tent is freestanding. Pre-assembled telescopic poles snap in place instantly. You can reinforce the structure with included stakes and rope.

The cabin refers to the design of the tent, that looks more or less like a log cabin. This design boasts a higher ceiling that the dome style, making the tent more roomy and comfortable.

Core 9 Tent Features Quality Test


Easy to Assemble

Despite its size, the Core 9 is an absolute breeze to assemble. The instant tent setup means that the body of the tent is attached to the foldable frame at all times. All you have to do is unfold it and align the six telescopic poles.

One person can quickly erect it in under 5 minutes, even if this is the first time you're using this tent.

Once you get familiar with it, the tent can be assembled in just a minute or two.

Attaching the rainfly might be a bit trickier for the shortest users due to the tent's height. Standing 78 inches (1.98 m) tall, it could make it challenging to attach the rainfly if you're erecting it alone.

However, the rainfly is lightweight and minimal. Ask a buddy for help, and you can append it without issues.

Water Resistance

If there is something Core is good at, it surely is waterproofing its tents. The proprietary H2O Block Technology holds up in tough climatic conditions, preventing any raindrops from getting inside your shelter.

To do this, the H2O Block Technology seals the seams of both tent and rainfly. Through the heat sealing process, the manufacturer prevents water from making its way into the tent, even when exposed to heavier rains.

However the 68D polyester fabric might not withstand heavy downpours or storms. While it does a pretty good job at keeping water out without sagging, it will start to leak eventually.

Considering that this is a summer tent, though, it will keep you dry during a normal summer rain.


Depending on what you look for, the Core 9 might or might not be the right family tent for you. If you want a tent that can keep you fresh on hot summer nights, it surely lives up to expectations.

Large windows, a mesh ceiling, and two air vents on both sides of the tent ensure proper airflow, keeping the inside cool and comfy.

What seems like a blessing on a hot summer, though, can easily turn into a nightmare if the temperature drops.

While you can close the windows and cover the mesh ceiling with the rainfly, the two air vents can't be closed. Constant airflow prevents the interior from warming up, so this tent is not your best bet on cooler nights or for spring and fall camping.

Furthermore, to keep the tent lightweight, Core equipped it with thin poles that won't withstand stronger winds.

Is it a good choice, then? Certainly, if you're looking for a summer tent. If you need a versatile, all-season option, move on.


At 35.15 lbs (16.3 kg), the Core 9 is one of the lightest cabin tents designed for larger crowds. Thus, an adult can easily handle it on its own, and even carry it from the car to the camp site despite the tent's large size.


The Core 9 might not be the sturdiest tent out there, but it still holds up pretty well. Designed for easy setup, it comes with relatively sturdy poles that stand by themselves fairly well.

They won't withstand a blizzard, but they are not supposed to anyway.

Features We Love


72-inch Center Height

Have you ever wished to be able to stand in a tent while camping? Well, the Core 9 person instant cabin tent can make your wish come true. We love that it stands 72 inches tall, allowing even the tallest of us to stand, move, and walk around the cabin without bending.

Fits 2 Air Beds

The generous floor size allows you to fit in two queen size air mattresses or 4 Core sleeping bags plus a baby camping cot and camping gear. To maximize floor space, you can simply opt for camping bunk beds, thanks to the generous head clearance.

Adjustable Ventilation

On those hot summer nights, adjustable vents on both sides of the tent, large mesh windows and a mesh ceiling with removable rainfly make it easy to adjust airflow to your needs.

Electricity Port

Whether you want to power up a tent fan or lamp, or charge your gadgets, a convenient electrical port on the side of the tent makes it easy to connect it to a power generator or camp site outlet.

What Buyers Say About Their Core 9 Person Tent?



  • Pre-assembled frame allows for a quick, 5-minute set up
  • Easy carry and assemble by one person thanks to its lightweight, instant setup construction
  • Great size for families or groups up to 9 adults
  • Multiple interior pockets and roomy floor space provide plenty of storage options
  • Generous head clearance. Even the tallest people can stand and walk inside the tent
  • Lots of windows to open to get a nice breeze through the tent
  • Double door and room divider add more value for money


  • Door and window zippers don't close all the way up and may leak when the rain is sideways
  • Side air vents can't be closed, making the tent more suitable for summer than all-season camping
  • The floor material is relatively thin and easy to tear, but you can easily reinforce it with a tent footprint

What is Included?

  • Instant tent
  • Rainfly
  • Room divider
  • Stakes.
  • Carry bag with printed instructions

Technical Specs

  • Floor size - 14' x 9'
  • Tent stakes - (20) 7" steel stakes
  • Pack weight - 35.15 lb
  • Pack size - 48" x 11.6" x 11.6"
  • Tent fabric - 68D Polyester
  • Center height - 78" (6.5')
  • Floor material - 125gsm P.E.
  • Poles - Pre-attached telescoping poles

Core 9 Person Tent Alternatives

 NameCore 9 Person Instant Cabin TentOzark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin TentColeman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Lighted Cabin TentNTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person Sport Camping Tent
Weight35.15 lbs30.8 lbs37.6 lbs26.4 lbs
Floor size14 x 9 ft14 x 13.5 ft14 x 10 ft17.4 x 8 ft
Material68D Polyester68D PolyesterNylon190T Polyester
Peak height78 inches84 inches84 inches74.4 inches
Packed Size48 x 11 x 10.5 in48 x 10.6 x 10.6 in40.5 x 14.5 x 8.5 in28 x 14 x 8 in
Setup5 minutes2 minutes15 minutes15 minutes
Core 9 Person 35.15 lbs5 minutes
Ozark Trail 9-Person30.8 lbs2 minutes
Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person 37.6 lbs15 minutes
NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person26.4 lbs15 minutes

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