The Coleman Weathermaster 6 Tent 2021 Review

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Do you love camping with your family and need a roomy shelter? The Coleman Weathermaster 6 could be the best choice.

Keep reading to find out if this is the right tent for you.

Coleman Weathermaster 6



Roomy main living space and additional screen room make this tent perfect for family camping. Coleman’s WeatherTec system enhances resistance to elements. Two entrances and plenty of windows provide easy access and boost ventilation.

  • Comfort
  • Set-up
  • Quality
  • Price


Reasons to Buy:

  • Screened vestibule can be used as an additional room
  • Plenty of space for up to 6 people and additional gear
  • Adjustable air vents allow for seamless temperature management
  • Very easy to dismantle at the end of the trip
  • Withstands moderate wind and rain
  • Hinged door and panoramic roof add further value


  • Conventional (15min)

  • 6 People

  • 2 Rooms

  • Height 72″

  • Waterproof

  • Panoramic Roof

Who Is Coleman Weathermaster 6 Tent For?

The Coleman Weathermaster 6 is a tent designed for family camping. Weighing 32 pounds, it's too heavy for hiking and backpacking. Nonetheless, this tent is an excellent choice for car camping and tailgating.

Its roomy interior can easily accommodate a family of six, but also up to 6 adults in sleeping bags. The 17 by 9 feet floor space gives you enough room for two queen-size air mattresses, while also saving sufficient space for your gear and to move around.

Despite its Weathermaster name, the tent is not fully waterproof. It holds well to wind, but trapping in warmth when camping in colder climates if difficult. As such, this tent is a better choice for summer outings.

What Tent Type Is The Coleman Weathermaster 6?

Coleman Weathermaster 6 Person Tent Quality Review

The Weathermaster 6 is a conventional pitch tent suitable for beginner and seasoned campers alike. Color-coded poles make installation a breeze, and two people should be able to erect it in around 20 minutes.

It's advertised as a 3-season tent. However, you might struggle to stay warm in it in colder weather.

What makes it a less-than-ideal choice for colder weather, though, makes it a perfect tent for summer camping.

Highlights include a full mesh ceiling covered by a removable rainfly. Plenty of windows as well as air vents at floor level allow you to achieve a comfortable temperature and ventilation on the hottest nights.

Last but not least, the Weathermaster 6 is a family tent. Sure, groups of friends can also use it, but the layout with one large living space and screen room makes it an excellent choice for family outings.

Coleman Weathermaster 6 Tent Features Quality Test

Coleman Weathermaster 6 Tent Features

Easy to Assemble

Despite being a conventional pitch tent, the Coleman Weathermaster 6 is very easy to assemble. Setting it up requires around 20 minutes and two people. One person can also erect it, but the process may take longer. Shorter users may also find it challenging to attach the rainfly.

Water Resistance

The tent boasts a durable construction that combines a 65D Polyester mesh structure with 75D Polyester fly and solid panels. Inverted seams and sturdy stitches hold up well in rain, but the tent is not fully waterproof.

Nevertheless, it will surely keep you dry in light rain, and even withstands moderate intensity downpours.

The bottom is made from 1000D fabric, so you don't have to worry about water coming in from beneath.


Boasting a tunnel structure, the Weathermaster 6 also holds up well to moderate wind. Stronger gusts may compromise its balance, especially if you don't anchor it to the ground. As you can expect from such a tent, it comes with stakes and guy ropes that help you enhance its stability and wind resistance.


At 32 pounds, the Coleman Weathermaster 6 is quite heavy. Add up your camping gear, and you'll understand why this is described as a tent for car camping. Considering that the 10-person of this tent is only slightly heavier, we can say that Coleman could have done better in trimming off weight when it comes to this tent.

On the bright side, a heavier structure means more resistance to wind. As long as you don't mind driving to your campsite, we see it as a win-win.


Overall, this tent is sturdy, and promises to stay by your side season after season. You should pay attention to the zippers, and ideally waterproof it once a year. Apart from that, the shelter is low maintenance and durable.

Features We Love

Is Coleman Weathermaster Tent Worth It

Screened Room

If you've always dreamed of enjoying a bug-free breakfast or star gazing without worrying about mosquito bites, the Coleman Weathermaster 6 will surely impress you with its convenient screen room. This space is roomy enough for you to set up a couple camping chairs and a small table, or you can use it as a mud room or to store your camping gear. The mesh walls don't come with solid panels, but the fly will still keep you dry in light rain.

Hinged Door

Perfect for family camping, this tent comes with a hinged door that opens just like a regular door. A feature that makes it easier for kids to get in and out of the tent.


Large mesh windows with solid panels not only enhance ventilation, but also allow you to enjoy great views. What makes this tent different than most is the fly, that only acts as a roof, without covering the windows. Thanks to this design element, you'll be able to roll down the flaps and keep the windows open even when the fly is on.

Protected Seams

Coleman is famous for its inverted seams, designed to enhance water resistance. Combined with the welded, tub style floor, this tent provides better water resistance than other similar shelters.

What Buyers Say About Their Coleman Weathermaster 6 Tent?

Coleman Weathermaster 6 Tent Pros and Cons

Most buyers confirm the quality and durability of the Coleman Weathermaster 6. The tent is judged as spacious and easy to pitch. Users picking it are usually families with two or three kids. Most people love the screen room, although some wish it would come with solid panels, too.

Negatives regard the zippers, which are not as durable as expected.

The tent is easy to set up according to its users. A 2-person set up is preferred, but the instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow even by first-time users.

All in all, there seems to be a general positive consensus about this tent.


  • Roomy enough for 6 adults in sleeping bags or two queen-size air mattresses.
  • Screen room provides additional space for storage or an entertainment area.
  • Removable rainfly uncovers a panoramic mesh skylight.
  • Large, mesh windows and air vents create sufficient airflow on the hottest nights.
  • Easy to pitch even by beginners, in around 20 minutes.
  • A convenient room divider also makes the tent perfect for two couples or camping with teens.


  • It leaks in heavy rain, despite the manufacturer's 3-season claim.
  • Insufficient storage pockets for a tent this big.
  • Overall, the walls are thin and it's hard to trap in warmth.

What is Included?

  • 6-person tent
  • Rainfly
  • Poles
  • Tent stakes
  • Carrying bag

Technical Specs

  • Floor size - 17' x 9'
  • Tent stakes - Steel stakes
  • Pack weight - 32 lb
  • Pack size - 41" x 10" x 10"
  • Tent fabric - 75D Polyester
  • Center height - 6.10'
  • Floor material - 1000D Polyethylene
  • Poles - Steel poles

Coleman Weathermaster 6 Tent Alternatives

 NameThe North Face WAWONA 6CORE 6 Person Dome TentColeman Cabin Tent with Instant SetupHIKERGARDEN Camping Tent
Weight20.15 lb12.72 lb24.4 lb23.2 lb
Floor size10' x 8.5'11' x 9'10' x 9'10' x 8'
MaterialPolyester68D Polyester150D PolyesterNylon
Peak height77"72"72"76"
Packed Size26.8" x 15" x 9"25" x 7" x 7"44″ x 5″ x 2″26" x 8.3" x 8.3"
Setup10 minutes10 minutes1 minute5 minutes
The North Face WAWONA 620.15 lb10 minutes
CORE 6 Person Dome Tent12.72 lb10 minutes
Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup24.4 lb1 minute
HIKERGARDEN Camping Tent23.2 lb5 minutes

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