Coleman Butane Stove Review 2021

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Boiling water, melting snow, and no-frills breakfast cooking while camping require a camping stove. From all, one that stands out is the Coleman Butane Stove.

This one-burner stove is compact and lightweight, yet large enough for a 10-inch pan. Butane cartridges make it easy to use, and is a great choice for camping alone or with your better half.

Is it worth the hype? Find it out in our Coleman butane stove review below.

Coleman Butane Stove



One-burner camping stove ideal for up to two people. Simple design and compatibility with 8.8oz butane gas cylinders make it a great choice for newbies and occasional camping. Automatic ignition and adjustable flame intensity bring further value for money.

  • Comfort
  • Set-up
  • Quality
  • Price


Reasons to Buy:

  • Very easy to set up and maintain
  • Brings water to a boil in under 10 minutes
  • Ideal camping stove for up to 2 people
  • Automatic, matchless ignition
  • Adjustable, low-high flame intensity
  • Outstanding simmering capability


  • 7,650 BTU

  • 10″ Pan

  • Single burner

  • Butane

  • 7 minutes

  • 1.25 hours

Who Is Coleman Butane Stove For?

The Coleman butane stove is an excellent choice for the casual campers who love exploring the outdoors alone or as a couple.

Outputting up to 7,650 BTU, it's not a powerhouse. It can still bring a quart of water to a boil in less than 10 minutes, though, which is a great accomplishment considering its size.

Compatible with 10-inch pans, it's designed for one-pot meals and brewing hot drinks, but it can also handle larger cookware if you're a bigger gang who doesn't mind longer waiting times.

Overall, this camping stove is a great choice for amateurs and first-time campers looking for a quality stove that won't break the bank.

Coleman Butane Stove Features Quality Test

Coleman Butane Stove Features Test

Easy to Use

Like most butane stove, the Coleman is super-easy to use. A cartridge compartment and lock mechanism make it easy to place the butane cylinder.

Two settings, high and low, as well as matchless ignition, make it perfect for anything, from brewing coffee to cooking stews.

Time to Boil

The Coleman butane stove is not the most powerful out there. It can bring a quart of water to a boil in around 6-7 minutes, which is slow compared to a propane stove.

However, that's not bad either, and butane is more energy-efficient than propane.

Burn Time

Burning for up to 1.25 hours on a single gas cylinder on its high setting, this camping stove has a great burn time. If you're only using it for cooking quick meals, a cartridge should be enough for a couple of days of camping.


This camping stove is not the smallest on the market. It measures 20 x 12 x 4 inches, which is a bit too much for a backpack. However, this stove wasn't built for backpacking to begin with.

It's lightweight and comes with its own case. Carrying it from the car to the campsite is quick and easy.

Wind Resistance

Something missing on the Coleman butane stove is a windshield, so you might struggle to use it on windier days. Due to its weaker burner, boiling water under more intense wind could truly challenge your patience.


Thanks to its design, this camping stove boasts great stability on flat surfaces. You won't be able to adjust the legs, but that won't be necessary either if you're placing it on a table.

Don't expect it to be stable on uneven surfaces, though. If you plan to place it directly on the ground, make sure the surface is as plane as possible.


One of the greatest things of less powerful burners is their outstanding simmering capability. And the Coleman butane stove doesn't disappoint. The large knob is very easy to adjust and the flame size is accurate, making cooking easy and enjoyable.

Features We Love

Coleman Butane Stove Best Features

Instastart Ignition

Newer campers might not understand how important matches are. This valuable asset can be used to start a stick fire, so you shouldn't waste it for lighting a stove.

Luckily, the Coleman butane stove features matchless ignition, so you won't have to worry too much about running out of matches.

Quick Setup

The stove comes preassembled, and all you have to do is lock the butane container into its place. Printed instructions on the stove make setup a cinch, so you can start cooking almost out of the box.

Easy Cleaning

Not only is this stove easy to set up, it's also easy to clean. Its enameled frame and rust-proof, aluminum burner can be wiped clean whenever needed. Once cleaned, the stove can be stored in its convenient carrying box.

Fuel Efficiency

While butane can't reach the BTU output of propane, the fuel burns slower. Thus, it lasts longer. Indeed, a small can of gas can provide fuel for up to 1.25 hours straight on high heat. That's more than enough for most camping cooking needs.

What Buyers Say About Their Coleman Butane Stove?

Coleman Butane Stove Reviews

Most buyers praise the stove's overall performance and portability. Weighing less than 5 pounds, the Coleman butane stove is easy to carry around, despite its size.

Users also appreciate the ease of use and almost instant set up. Compatible with standard butane cans, it delivers no-frills outdoor cooking.

Criticism regards the unit's poor stability on uneven surfaces, as well as the lack of a windshield. All in all, though, most users are perfectly happy with the stove and consider it an excellent choice for the price.


  • Flame is easy to adjust for different cooking requirements
  • Compatible with all 10-inch pots and pans; no need for special cookware
  • Heats up quickly despite the lower BTU output
  • Carrying case for storage and transport
  • Lighter than many similar stoves
  • Affordable price tag


  • Only one burner
  • Grate doesn't come off for cleaning
  • No windshield

What is Included?

Coleman Butane Stove Pros and Cons
  • Stove
  • Carrying case

Technical Specs

  • Fuel Type - Gas cylinder
  • Fuel - Butane
  • Auto Ignition - Yes
  • Heat Output - 7,650 BTU
  • Burn Time (Max Flame) - 1.25 hrs
  • Average Boil Time (1L) - 7 minutes
  • Dimensions - 20" x 12" x 4"
  • Weight - 4.68 lb

Coleman Butane Stove Alternatives

 NameColeman PowerPackGas ONE GS-3900PColeman Sportster IIOutbound Propane Stove
Fuel TypeGas cylinderGas cylinderGas cylinderGas cylinder
FuelPropaneDual fuelDual fuelPropane
Heat Output7,500 BTU15,000 BTU10,000 BTU10,000 BTU
Burn Time3 hrs3 hrs5 hrs2.5 hrs
Auto IgnitionNoYesNoNo
Average Boil Time (1L)10 minutes5 minutes5 minutes10 minutes
Weight2.2 lb2.2 lb2.35 lb1.98 lb
Packed Size12.5" x 13.4" x 4"13" x 10" x 4"6.6" x 7.4" x 7.4"4.95" x 7.6" x 4.92"
 NamePhotoFuelAverage Boil Time (1L)
Coleman PowerPackPropane10 minutes
Gas ONE GS-3900PButane5 minutes
Coleman Sportster IIDual fuel5 minutes
Outbound Propane StovePropane10 minutes

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