Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent Review

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Are you looking for a comfortable tent for you and your extended family? The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon could be the right one for you and your gang. Read on to see if this is indeed the best tent for you.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent



Plenty of floor space and room dividers make it a perfect tent to share with friends or family. Coleman’s proprietary WeatherTec system with tub-style floor and inverted seams enhances waterproofness. Separate bags for tent, poles, and stakes, for easier storage and transport.

  • Comfort
  • Set-up
  • Quality
  • Price


Reasons to Buy:

  • Very spacious interior and possibility to create separate living spaces
  • Separate carrying bags for tent, poles, and stakes make it easier to carry
  • Plenty of space for up to 8 people or 6-7 people plus gear
  • Hinged door allow for very easy in and out
  • Withstands moderate winds and rain
  • Removable fly and panoramic skylight


  • Conventional (15min)

  • 8 People

  • 3 Rooms

  • Height 72″

  • Waterproof

  • Panoramic Roof

Who Is Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent For?

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent is designed with small groups and families in mind. It can house up to 8 adults in sleeping bags or two families with up to four members.

It is ideal for a variety of purposes, from providing shelter at festivals or open-space events to car camping, tailgating, and even for family hiking and backpacking. Despite its generous floor space, it is relatively lightweight and compact to carry.

Pitched, it impresses with a large interior measuring 17 by 10 feet. The ceiling stands 6 feet tall, providing sufficient head clearance for most people to stand and roam around.

When packed, it measures 25.2 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches, which is compact enough to transport on a motorbike. It is also fairly light for a tent this big, weighing only 21.5 pounds. In other words, an adult can easily carry it instead of a hiking backpack.

An undeniable crowd-pleaser, this tent has it all to comfortably accommodate families or groups of friends.

What Tent Type Is The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon?

Coleman Family Tent Review

The Red Canyon is a conventional pitch, dome-style tent. Unlike many modern tents, this one is not freestanding, which means that you have to properly stake it to the ground to ensure its stability. Nevertheless, it is incredibly easy to pitch by two adults in around 15 minutes.

It is advertised as a 3-season tent due to the included rainfly. However, considering the amount of mesh used for the inner tent, warming it up could be challenging, so it's much more suitable to use in summer than spring or fall.

The extended dome structure delivers enhanced resistance to wind. As you'd expect from an outdoor shelter, it resists rain, too, albeit it might start to leak in heavy downpours.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent Features Quality Test

Easy to Assemble

As mentioned, the Coleman Red Canyon is a conventional pitch tent that requires you to assemble the poles to set it up. The first setup might take a longer time, but the tent comes with comprehensive instructions.

Once you're used to it, erecting the tent shouldn't take over 15 minutes. Seasoned campers even find it easy to erect it on their own, but the process is much faster if you ask a friend for help.

Water Resistance

Like most Coleman tents, the Red Canyon boasts the WeatherTec technology, but the tent is only water resistant, and not waterproof. In other words, you can expect to stay dry in light to moderate weather, but it will most likely leak in heavier rain.

The brand doesn't disclose what kind of Polyguard fabric it has used for this tent, but considering how thin it is, we can only believe it's 68D or similar denier material.


While the Red Canyon is not fully waterproof, it does hold well to wind thanks to its dome structure. Its greatest highlight is undeniably the excellent ventilation.

Suitable to use as a summer tent, it boasts large mesh windows, a mesh panel on the doors, as well as a panoramic mesh ceiling. Thanks to the fly design that only covers the top of the tent, you'll enjoy proper airflow even when the fly is on.

That's a good thing on the hotter nights, but due to this design, it is quite hard to warm it up in colder weather.


If you're looking for a huge tent that's also easy to transport, the 8-Person Red Canyon might be it. This tent weighs less than 22 pounds, and it can be easily used as a hiking tent if you want to.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you'll have to secure it properly to the ground, to enhance wind resistance.


Overall, this tent is sturdy and well-built. Both the main shelter and the fly are made from durable Polyguard fabric, while the inverted seams and quality stitches boost durability.

We also like the design of the poles, that bend easily in the wind and are difficult to break.

Like all light-duty tents, this one will require some care when setting it up and taking it down, but with proper care and maintenance, it will serve you well for many seasons.

Features We Love

Is Coleman 8 Person Tent Worth The Money

Space Dividers

Ideal for both groups and families, this tent comes with two space dividers you can use to turn it from a single, open-space tent into a three-room shelter. Needless to say, this is an easy way to add some privacy, so you can use the tent when camping with teens or your extended family, too. The tent can house up to 3 queen-size air mattresses, so it's also a great choice for couples who don't mind sharing the a tent.

Detachable Mud Tarp

The Coleman Red Canyon is relatively easy to clean to begin with, but we particularly like the detachable mud tarp you can use on rainy days to keep the interior even cleaner.

Packed Size

Finding an 8-person tent that's still compact and easy to carry is far from easy. The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon addresses families who love hiking or backpacking. While the tent comes with its own carrying bag, you can easily fit it into a larger camping backpack, so it can be easily transported by an adult.

Panoramic Skylight

What can be more relaxing than star gazing on a summer night? Thanks to the panoramic mesh ceiling, you can admire the stars while laying comfortably on your camping cot or air bed. Simply take off the fly to enjoy the wonders of the universe without worrying about the bugs.

What Buyers Say About Their Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent?

Users praise the Coleman Red Canyon for its roomy interior, generous head clearance, and compact dimensions when packed. Some argue that the zippers could be of better quality, but the vast majority appreciate large windows and mesh ceiling that make it perfect for summer camping.

Overall, there is a general positive consensus about this tent, with most buyers happy about its quality, durability, and functionality.


  • Very easy to set up despite the conventional pitch design.
  • An adjustable venting system provides you with some control over the temperature in the tent.
  • Easy to take down, pack, and carry around.
  • Large enough to house three queen-size air mattresses, the tent comes with functional space dividers.
  • Thanks to the detachable dividers, you can configure the interior space in various ways.
  • Awning and mud mat help you keep the interior clean when it rains.


  • The tent is not fully waterproof, thus unsuitable to use in the rainy seasons.
  • It could be challenging to set up by a single person.
  • It only has one door, which could be inconvenient when sharing the sleeping space with your friends.

What is Included?

  • Conventional pitch tent
  • Rainfly
  • Stakes
  • Room dividers and mud mat
  • Carrying bag and instructions

Technical Specs

  • Floor size - 17' x 10'
  • Tent stakes - Steel stakes
  • Pack weight - 21.5 lb
  • Pack size - 25.2" x 9.5" x 9.5"
  • Tent fabric - Nylon
  • Center height - 6 feet
  • Floor material - Nylon
  • Poles - Color-coded poles

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent Alternatives

 NameWenzel Great Basin TentNTK Oregon GT 8 to 9 Person TentColeman 8-Person Tenaya Lake Cabin TentCore 9 Person Extended Dome Tent
Weight22 lb18.78 lb33.8 lb18.25 lb
Floor size18' x 10'10' x 12'13' x 9'16' x 9'
MaterialNylon190T PolyesterNylon68D Polyester
Peak height76"6.1'6.8'72"
Packed Size26.5" x 10.5" x 10.2"27" × 9" × 9"34.5" x 13" x 11.5"27" x 10" x 10"
Setup15 minutes15 minutes10 minutes10 minutes
Wenzel Great Basin Tent22 lb15 minutes
NTK Oregon GT 8 to 9 Person Tent18.78 lb15 minutes
Coleman 8-Person Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent33.8 lb10 minutes
Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent18.25 lb10 minutes

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