The 10 Best Folding Tables in 2021 (Which to Choose for Camping?)

1. Lifetime Portable Folding and Bench Set


2. Rock Cloud Portable Camping Table


3. Giantex Folding Grill Table

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Choosing the best folding table for camping is no easy feat. But once you find the right one, days in the outdoors will definitely be much more enjoyable. If you’re planning on cooking and eating outdoors, you should look for a table that fits your needs.

Whether it’s your first time buying a folding table or you’re looking to replace your old one, we’re here to make your search easier. We’ve gathered the top 10 folding tables today. Check them out and you might just find exactly what you need.

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1. Lifetime 80373 Portable Folding and Bench Set


Technical Specs:

Why we picked

Why buy a camping table and chairs separately when you can have both in one package? This heavy-duty table comes with two specialized benches that attach to it for convenient transport and storage. For these reasons, the Lifetime portable camping table bagged the top spot in our list.

Despite being lightweight, it offers generous space. Plus, it features a stain-resistant table top that contains UV inhibitors for added protection.

What we like:

What we don't like:

2. Rock Cloud Portable Camping Table


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the Rock Cloud Portable Camping Table

This sleek yet functional aluminum table ticks the box for durability and lightness – two important qualities of the best camping table. It’s built with a high quality aluminum alloy that is waterproof, rust and corrosion resistant, and easy to clean. All these for less than 50 bucks.

The extra nylon mesh below gives you ample space to store more stuff. What’s more – it’s a splicing table which means you can purchase additional table connection boards if you need more space. This camping table comes with a storage bag too!

What we like:

What we don't like:

3. Giantex Folding Grill Table


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the Giantex Folding Grill Table

Be able to grill and cook gourmet food with this folding table from Giantex. We are impressed by its large top surface area, plus the two side tables and a lower shelf where you can conveniently place all your cooking gear. 

Still need more space? There’s a zippered bag with two shelves that comes included in the package. The aluminum top is detachable, so as the steel rack for easy installation and disassembly. If you have extra budget, this certainly makes a fine choice.

What we like:

What we don't like:

4. COSCO Deluxe 8 foot x 30 inch Fold-in-Half


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the COSCO Deluxe 8 foot x 30 inch Fold-in-Half

An extra long table perfect for big families and groups – this folding table by Cosco is comfortable to carry when folded and locked. Its hefty size makes it ideal not just for camping but also for outdoor parties and barbecues, and special gatherings.

The frame and legs of this table are all made of heavy-duty steel for enhanced durability and longevity. Also, it comes with non-marring leg tips so you can be sure that floors don’t get scratched if used indoors.

What we like:

What we don't like:

5. Camerons Tailgating Table


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the Camerons Tailgating Table

Looking for a folding table specifically designed for Tailgating? This might be it. A collapsible table that is light and easy to use, this table is ready for your next outdoor party.

It comes with four cup holders, zippered insulated cooler, and tension straps for a steady table surface.

What we like:

What we don't like:

6. Inno Stage Folding Table


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the Folding Table Camping

This portable table with two cup holders makes a great choice if you love RV camping or country driving. It’s easy to carry everywhere and can be installed with one hand! 

The fact that it’s ultra-lightweight and easy to clean makes it ideal for so many outdoor activities, from backpacking to travel, fishing, and going to the beach.

What we like:

What we don't like:

7. PORTAL Outdoor Folding Portable Table


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the PORTAL Outdoor Folding Portable

Perfect for ultralight backpackers and car campers who are constantly on the move – this one has an aluminum slat table top that can be rolled up, along with folding legs. It comes with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

You will also appreciate the mesh bottom layer that is very useful when you need extra storage for your stuff.

What we like:

What we don't like:

8. PORTAL Aluminum Folding Square Table


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the PORTAL Aluminum Folding Square Table

Another quality folding table from PORTAL, this one is made of aluminum and steel for strength and durability. It has its own carry bag that comes with two separate spaces for the folded frames and the roll-up table top.

This table generously accommodates up to four people. We are impressed with the durable table top that features an intricate nail design instead of the usual stretchy ropes.

What we like:

What we don't like:

9. Camping Table Portable Camping Side Table


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the Camping Table Portable Camping Side Table

Perfect for quick getaways to the beach or the countryside where you won’t be cooking or preparing food. This unique collapsible camping table is compact, sturdy and light. Just fold it in half and carry it like a shoulder bag. Ready to use? Flat-open the table and click the metal frame to the base.

The table also comes with a bottom layer where you can store stuff like snacks and books. Plus, the cup-holders keep your drinks in place while you relax and enjoy the scenery.

What we like:

What we don't like:

10. Tenrios Collapsible Beach Table Folding


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the Tenrios Collapsible Beach Table

Ultralight and portable – the Tenrios camping table is made with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that’s rugged enough for all your outdoor needs.

It’s also easy to pack and unpack and can be folded into a small carry-on bag so you can save a lot of space.

What we like:

What we don't like:

Folding Table Buying Guide

A folding table may not be one of your exciting purchases for your outdoor gears. But it is one that you’ll surely be thankful you bought. There seems to be never enough space whether you’re camping or in the backyard for a picnic. The best folding table must offer you holding space and mobility and must be portable too. If you would want to take it with you during camping trips, they should be small and lightweight too.

This buying guide aims to give you a rundown of the considerations in buying a folding table and hopefully help you pick the best folding table for you.

Leg Design

Legs are the foundation of the table that provides stability. The leg design is responsible for the degree of comfort and portability the table has to offer. A wishbone-shaped leg design, is a popular leg design and it provides a stable support. Costco Deluxe 8 foot x 30 inch Fold in Half  has a wishbone leg design and is great not just for camping but for outdoor family gatherings as well. It’s 30 inch table top is supported by a wishbone leg for stability.

An open frame leg design is much preferred due to more space it provides spacious seating arrangements but has the same stability as the wishbone design. Check out Lifetime 80373 Portable Folding and Bench Set that has an open frame leg deign both for the table and bench set.

For adjustable tables, the legs should adjust smoothly and lock securely at each height. The aluminum adjustable legs of the Portal Outdoor Folding Portable locks securely on each height choice guaranteeing secured and stable legs.

All legs should also have plastic caps on the bottom so they don’t damage floors.

Weight and Portability

A lightweight table should be light enough to be carried by one person. Most 6 foot tables weigh between 30-40 pounds. Portability is being able to transfer the folding table from one point to another with ease. Some folding tables have handles that make it easier to grip and carry. However we also put into consideration the durability and weight limit of the folding table.

Special shout out to the unique design of the Portal Aluminum Folding Square Table. The tabletop can be rolled up for maximum portability and storage space saver.


The size of the table depends on how many you’ll be expecting to seat on the table. 6 to 8 adults is a pretty good count for a barbeque or camping. The 6 feet or 8 feet tables available in the market are just enough for this number. The folding table should not be taking up too much storage space. But should be able to provide enough surface area when in use.

There are some table that just meant for small tasks rather than seating the whole party. We like the splicing table design of the Rock Cloud Portable Camping table. Initially it is only good for a maximum of 2-3 people but by purchasing more and connecting it to the previous one, the seating capacity can greatly increase.

Weight Limit

The weight limit listed on table specifications is the distributed weight. Meaning this is the total weight that the whole table can handle, beyond this and the table may bend.  Make sure to keep this in mind if you plan to put heavy duty objects on the tabletop, like a toolbox filled with tools or a computer. Most of the tables in the market have weight limits from 300 to 1000 pounds.


Folding tables are meant to be carried to and from and mostly will be used outdoors. It should be able to withstand scratches and sudden change in weather. Folding table can either have a smooth or textured tabletop finish. Either of the two is okay however, a smooth tabletop finish may show scratches and may appear more worn-out when compared to textured ones. We like the aluminum built of the Tenrios Collapsible Beach Folding Table made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy to support heavy-duty demands of the outdoor life.

Hardware Built

Since folding tables are meant to be moved from one place to another rather than be placed in a permanent place, it is recommended to check the overall structural design of the table. Hinges, locks and latches should be properly positioned on the overall structure so that it can move freely without sacrificing the stability of the table. Automatic locks are preferred to avoid accidents when folding tables suddenly fold up. The Camerons Tailgating Table may look flimsy at first, but the tension straps of the table is what makes it unique and sturdy. The tension straps are rust free thus ensuring smooth open and fold-up in every use.

Care and Maintenance

All outdoor equipment should be taken care of so that when you need them, they are clean and ready. Folding table does not require extraordinary after-care. Here are some standard rules to note.

  • When in doubt, use soap and water. It is always best to refer to the user manual however when it does not come with one, use soap and water to clean the tabletop. Use a soft bristle brush to scrape off stains.
  • Avoid placing your folding table to any heat source like the grill or the campfire. They are not made to withstand high temperature. Do not put dishes straight out of the oven or grill as it may melt or damage the tabletop.
  • Do not use ammonia based cleaner to avoid discoloration of the folding table.
  • Clean and dry it off completely before storing them. Doing so will prevent the table from mold or rust accumulation.
  • Check any moving part of the folding table for any loose connections.


• What is the Best Folding Table?

We picked the Lifetime Table and Bench Set as the best folding table because it offers lasting durability and functionality. It’s also big enough to be enjoyed by a family of four.

It’s important to consider your needs and the types of outdoor activities you normally do. This way,  you could end up buying the right one.

• What is the Standard Size Folding Table?

Generally, folding tables for picnic and camping use have widths ranging from 28 to 30 inches and height of 28 to 34 inches. When choosing a folding table, a good rule of thumb is to allow 24-34 inches of perimeter per person.

• How Do Folding Tables Work?

Folding tables have legs that can be folded up against the top or detached completely for ease of transport and storage.

Newer models of folding tables feature a roll-up technology where the table top is made of separate pieces attached by a sturdy material.

Generally, these tables are made with lightweight materials to serve their purpose.

• How Much Weight can a Folding Table Hold?

It depends. Check the package label to see how much weight it can carry.

Ultralight camping tables such as the Tenrios collapsible table that are great for beach trips and speed hiking, can carry up to 25 pounds of weight. If you’re camping with the whole family, tables like the Cosco Deluxe and the Lifetime 80373 offer generous weight capacity, up to 300 pounds.

• Where to Buy Camping Folding Table

You have a lot of options online, particularly Amazon where you’ll find lots of options at great prices.

Camping folding tables are also widely available in local stores, particularly those that exclusively sell outdoor gear products. Always check the specs and reviews for each product to get a good grasp of whether that specific table matches your needs.