The Best Beach Canopy in 2021

1. Backyard Champs Easy Lift Shade


2. WolfWise Easy Set-up Beach Tent


3. QUICK UP Beach Tent

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Let’s admit it, we all want to bask under the sun on the beach. But we do not wish to stay under the sun the whole time too. Beach canopy tent provides us with shade and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. They are also great for summer camping, football games, or backyard shade during family lunches.

Take a look at our selection of beach canopy tent; we rated them with you in mind. Check out the buying guide to help you decide which beach canopy tent is fit for you and your family.

How We Rated Best Beach Canopy?

  • UPF

    is it well protected from sun?

  • Windproof

    is it well protected from wind?

  • Size

    Is it adjustable?

  • Set Up

    Is it easy to set-up?

  • Portability

    Is it easy to carry?

  • Usability

    Is it easy to use?

  • Lifespan

    Is it made for years to come?

  • Durability

    Is it sturdy enough?

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Technical Specs:

Why we picked Backyard Champs Easy Lift Shade


Setting up a canopy is easier with two people but with Backyard Champs patented Easy Lift Technology, you can do it by yourself in 60 seconds or less. Easy Lift Technology allows you to open, push up, twist, and extend the frame legs. The Easy Lift hub will securely lock into place easily. It includes wheeled storage so you can easily transport your canopy.

The canopy system is made from durable materials that guarantee you shade and protection. The top that can house 4 to 6 people is made from water-resistant and fire-resistant 190T polyester. The canopy frame is made from steel with a powder-coated finish to resist rust. With Easy Lift Technology, taking down the canopy is just as easy as its setup.

What we like:

What we don't like:

2. WolfWise Easy Set-up Beach Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked WolfWise Easy Set-up Beach Tent


We all know how hard it is to keep beach canopies from being blown away. WolfWise took that challenge to a new level. The WolfWise Easy Set-up Tent comes with three sandbags, four wind ropes, and ten stakes to provide stability and keep the canopy in place against the wind. This will keep one thing away from your mind while you enjoy the beach inside its water repellent polyester and silver-coated fabric with UPF 50+. This ensures you and your family are not just away from the sun but protected from its harmful rays as well.

As with the Backyard Champ, the WolfWise Easy Set-up has its specially designed spring mechanism that allows the tent to be set-up by one person faster and effortlessly. It comes with mesh storage bags inside the tent for keeping small items and a hanging hook for lamps or mini-fans. However, the mini-fan might not be necessary as the WolfWise is well ventilated with three oversized mesh windows to keep the air flowing and an open front door.

What we like:

What we don't like:

3. QUICK UP Beach Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked QUICK UP Beach Tent


The QUICK-Up Beach Tent pop-up and fold-down in a few minutes; the tent automatically pops-up using its patented pop-up design. It is made from polyester to keep you safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays and keeps you dry when the weather suddenly turns.

Thanks to the spacious PE waterproof flooring and an extended porch for that extra space. The flooring also zips up to provide privacy for changing clothes or keeping valuables hidden. It packs easily making it a good partner for any outdoor activities as it provides 360-degree ventilation with its mesh windows and open front door.

What we like:

What we don't like:

4. Sport-Brella XL


Technical Specs:

Why we picked Sport-Brella XL


The Sport-Brella XL’s set-up is nothing fancy it opens up like a regular umbrella. The Sport-Brella provides the shade needed against the elements; sun, wind, and rain. It is water repellant and protects from the sun’s harmful rays.

The tent has side flaps that can be rolled up and zipped on the side of the tent for versatility; zip it up for efficient airflow or roll it down as protection from the side rains or wind gusts.

What we like:

What we don't like:

5. Gorich Beach Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked Gorich Beach Tent

The Gorich Beach Tent, like the Quick-up Beach Tent and the Sport-Brella XL, has a patented pop-up mechanism for easy set-up. The Gorich Beach Tent has a hydraulic system for easy set-up and take-down. It is lightweight but durable with its polyester fabric to withstand the rain, wind, and sun while on the beach.

The Gorich Beach Tent provides a great anchoring system to battle windy days with the stock windproof ropes, sand pockets, and sand anchor. It provides full coverage but is still well ventilated with the three large mesh windows. 

What we like:

What we don't like:

6. Sport-Brella Vented


Technical Specs:

Why we picked Sport-Brella Vented


The Sport-Brella Vented is the little brother of the Sport-Brella XL in the list. This easily fits two beach chairs inside and still has space for iceboxes or items of luggage. It has side flaps that allow for versatility – zip it up for added ventilation or roll it down as added stability when the wind is too strong.

This version easily fits into the trunk of a sedan but does not add any weight like its bigger brother, the XL version. It is perfect for any outdoor activity like a family picnic in the backyard, summers on the beach, or weekend football. Its polyester fabric makes it water repellant and provides adequate protection from the sun.

What we like:

What we don't like:

7. Mobihome Beach Canopy


Technical Specs:

Why we picked Mobihome Beach Canopy

Mobihome keeps up to their promise of “up in seconds” with their Mobihome Beach Canopy. It has a special hub system that allows an easy single person set-up. Spread the frame with the tent, secure the hub lock, pull the drawstring to easily quick up the tent. Made from polyester fabric for water-proof and sun protection while the frame is made from steel tube to guarantee durability.

The Mobihome Beach Canopy is spacious and well-ventilated as it is open on all sides. The design is perfect for backyard gatherings or beach outings for the family as it fits four to six people easily. The detachable side shade provides additional sun protection when needed.

What we like:

What we don't like:

8. Core Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked Core Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent

The pre-assembled frame of the Core Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent is what makes it up and ready in just around 2 minutes. With the oversized pinch-up buttons you can change the tent height to three different settings to suit your needs. The fabric is designed to repel water with Core H2O Block Technology.

It comes with a wheeled carrier for easy transport to and from the vehicle to the site. Suitable for camping, backyard events, and the beach with its spacious shade area and incredible air ventilation.

What we like:

What we don't like:

9. Coleman Instant Canopy


Technical Specs:

Why we picked Coleman Instant Canopy

Unlike the Core Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent, the Coleman Instant Canopy comes with a vented roof release, which helps to release trapped heat inside the tent to keep it cool and comfy. It has the same pre-assembled one-piece frame set-up for a straightforward assembly.

Even with its size, the Coleman Instant Canopy is still very lightweight and comes with an easy-pull wheeled carry bag for portability. Durability comes with Coleman’s name in the outdoor industry; with the PolyGuard 2X double-thick fabric, the canopy can withstand the demands of the outdoors.

What we like:

What we don't like:

10. TAGVO Pop-Up Beach Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked TAGVO Pop-Up Beach Tent

The TAGVO Pop-Up Beach Tent is the only pop-up in the list that uses Velcro for the groundsheet’s closure for extra privacy. The Velcro contraption prevents the fabric from being caught up in the zipper during set-up to take-down. It has three mesh windows for continuous airflow allowing the breeze to come in to prevent heated air from being trapped inside.

The TAGVO beach tent is compact and lightweight due to the polyester material that also allows it to be used under the scorching sun or pouring rain.

What we like:

What we don't like:

Beach Canopy Tent Buying Guide

Whether it’s to enjoy your day on the beach or watch the football game on the field, canopy tents provide you the shade and protection from the sun. Beach canopies are great to bring together the family under one shade to share a meal, or as a resting place while on the beach. We listed down below the things that you should consider when buying beach canopy tents.

Purpose and Style

Where your beach canopy will be used is of utmost consideration. If you use it mostly in your backyard you’d probably get a beach canopy with three sides and secured walls. If you see yourself using a beach tent that is very easy to set up, choose a pop-up beach tent. If you imagine yourself camping on the beach, pick a cabana beach tent. Keep in mind the types of beach tents and their common uses:

Canopy Tent: Canopy is the best type of the three because of the space it provides and portability. They are usually open on three or all sides, without a groundsheet, spacious hence can fit more people. They have built-in pole systems to maintain stability and are easy to set-up. Due to their open structure, they do not provide much protection from the wind. Our top pick the Backyard Champs Easy Lift Shade, it easily fits 4 to 6 people an with the Easy Lift Technology, you are guaranteed that set-up and take-down is easy.

Pop-up Beach Tent: This type of beach tent is easy to assemble hence the name; it assembles in one swift movement. They fit only two to three persons. These shades are typically closed on three sides and open on one for ventilation. They come with a groundsheet. Pop-ups offer more protection from wind, rain, and sun. Families with small children and babies prefer pop-ups for space to have the children rest while everyone is at the beach. We really like how the WolfWise Easy Set-up Beach Tent placed three sandbags, wind ropes and ten stakes to ensure that it won’t be blown away.

Cabana Beach Tent: Almost the same structure as the pop-up beach tent, three sides are closed and open on one side. The difference is, cabana beach tents are like backpacking tents in the frame, the opening is via a meshed door usually uses a zipper for closure.

Umbrella Tent: Umbrella tents are for single people who want to enjoy the beach with some shade. The central structure is the same as an umbrella making it easy to set-up. They are way cheaper than canopies and are the best fit for solar or occasional use. Depending on how many you are in the family, pick your choice between the the Sport-Brella XL or the Sport-Brella Vented.

Material and Durability

Keep in mind that your beach canopy will receive the harshest battling from wind, sun, and rain. You should consider the material of your beach canopy in terms of its sun and rain resilience.

Your beach canopy should provide shade and protect you from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.

The top materials used for beach canopies are polyurethane, polyester, and vinyl. Polyurethane has the highest UV resistance. Polyester will provide great protection from the rain as it is waterproof. Some tents are made from vinyl; which provides durability and waterproofing but is quite heavy.

Assembly Time

Most purchases come with a set-up manual while some come as-is. But set-up time should be one of the considerations in buying your beach canopy tent. You wouldn’t want to spend half of the trip setting it all up and exhausting your energy that should be used enjoying the beach. 

Canopy beach tents are quite easy to set-up. Keep in mind the anchoring system that is best suited for your tents. Some use tent stakes as an anchor. But tent stakes do not apply to places where the sand too fine. Best to look for beach canopies that have built-in sandbags for stability. These factors add up to the assembly time as well. The MobiHome Beach Canopy lives up to their promise of “up in seconds”, which has a promising assembly time of just 2 minutes for a canopy that provides shelter to fit four to six people.

Tent Frame

Tent frame criteria are only applicable to beach canopies. Umbrella tents, cabana beach tents, and pop-up beach tents have a built-in frame system that is usually dome type or umbrella type.

The tent frame structure is essential to ensure that you get the most out of the beach canopy tent you are buying.

Slant legs or straight legs: Straight legs provide more stability and will not take up too much space but provide you with the most coverage. However, slant legs tents are less expensive than straight legs. The Core Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent has straight legs that provides more stability.

Aluminum frames vs steel frames: Steel frames will provide you with durability and stability however, they are not that easy to transport as they can become very heavy. They are also not ideal for beach use but more if you’re going to use your beach canopy as a backyard shade. Aluminum frames like the one used in Coleman Instant Canopy, are very lightweight and still provide you the same stability and durability. Aluminum frames are also rust and corrosion resistant, unlike steel frames. 

Other Features

Here are some other useful features you may want to consider:

Sandbags: These are important to keep your beach canopy from being blown away. Some have sandbags included in the stock package that can be attached to the poles or are stitched into the groundsheet.

Removable sides: For versatility, removable sides are great for beach canopies providing you with choices on your set-up. You can opt to have the sides down during mealtime for some privacy.

Groundsheet: Some beach tents have built-in groundsheets, some are even convertible to front doors. There are after-market groundsheets that provide extra space for storage, storage, or play area.


• How Do I Keep My Beach Canopy from Blowing Away?

You can use sandbags or tent weights, tent pegs, or anchors to keep them in place. You can purchase aftermarket sandbags like the ABCCANOPY 112 LBS Outdoor Pop Up Canopy Tent Gazebo Weight Sand Bag Anchor Kit or improvise a sandbag by bringing a shopping bag, filling it with sand, and attaching it to your canopy. The only downside of bringing an aftermarket sandbag is you’ll have to carry the weight from your car to the beach.

Tent pegs or anchors can either be aftermarket as well. Check out Camping Panda’s guide for Best Tent Stakes.

• How Do You Set-up A Beach Canopy?

Setting a canopy tent is not a one-man task. Attach the top of the cabana. Spread the canopy out. Before extending each leg to its desired length, make sure to lock the section towards the top of the canopy. Ensure that all four legs are of the same height. In the hole at the base of each leg, insert the stakes. Hammer the stakes at a 45-degree angle into the sand.

However, there are beach canopies that are specially design for a one-man set-up. Check out both Backyard Champs Easy Lift Shade and WoflWise Easy Set-up Tent.

• Which is Better Straight Leg or Slant Leg Canopy?

Slant leg canopies are cheaper than straight leg canopies. But they do not provide the stability a straight leg canopy does. Straight leg canopies provide the most coverage without taking much space thus providing more stability.

• Are Beach Canopies Waterproof?

The majority of beach canopies are water-resistant, meaning they can withstand light showers but not a heavy downpour. The Mobihome Beach Canopy in this list a waterproof because of its polyester material. Remember to always check the waterproof rating of your canopies.

• What Are Beach Tents Called?

Beach tents are classified into three; cabana beach tents, canopy beach tents, and tarp beach tents. Tarp beach tents are the most lightweight of the three, they are usually called umbrella tents or pole tents. They are usually assembled with cords supporting the canopy. Canopy beach tents provide overheard shelter and are used for big groups. Cabana beach tents or pop-up tents provide the most shelter of the three because they have a dome structure.