The Best 4 Person Tent for Camping in 2021

1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx


2. Coleman Sundome Tent


3. TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

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Small families and groups of friends looking for a convenient yet easy to carry sleeping arrangement might find a 4 person tent just perfect. 

A variety of models make it easy to find the right tent for camping in summer or in the colder season, but if you’re not an expert camper, the wide range of products can overwhelm you. To make things easy, we chose the best 4 person tents around. Check them out in our rundown.

How We Rated Best Tents?

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    Is it well protected?

  • Ventilation

    Is it breathable?

  • Longevity

    Is it build for years to come?

  • Price

    Is it the best value for your $?

  • Set Up

    Is it easy to set-up?

  • Durability

    Is it strong enough?

  • Convenient

    Is it designed for comfort?

  • Sleeping Capacity

    Is it spacious and roomy?

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1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx:

The Lynx tent by ALPS Mountaineering is an excellent choice for campers who need a relatively lightweight 4-people shelter. Ideal for summer camping, it boasts a solid, freestanding construction and is very easy to set up.

A removable fly provides shade as well as rain protection. Suitable for much more than just sleeping, the tent also boasts a generous, 52-inch head clearance, two doors, and two vestibules for convenient gear storage.

What we like:

What we don't like:

2. Coleman Sundome Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the Coleman Sundome Tent:

More than an ordinary camping tent, the Sundome Tent from Coleman it’s an excellent choice for the unpretentious camper looking for the best value for money. This tent is cheap compared to similarly featured peers, and it’s built to last.

While the traditional set up will take you around 15 minutes, the Sundome is very easy to erect. A roomy interior fits a queen-size air mattress or four self-inflating sleeping pads. Not only it’s great for two adults and two kids, but you and three of your buddies will also have plenty of room in it. Compact and relatively light, it’s also easy to carry should you have to. All in all, one of the best 4 person tents for the money.

What we like:

What we don't like:

3. TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent:

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent is one of the sturdiest all-season tents for 4 persons on the market. Advertised as a 3-season tent but perfectly capable to handle whatever elements you’re throwing at it, this shelter boasts a solid construction and comes with a 3000mm-rated fly designed to keep you dry at all times.

The thicker fabric used for the fly also does an excellent job in trapping warmth inside. At the same time, an innovative, 360-degree ventilation system wards off condensation and helps you adjust the temperature. Slightly smaller than our best value, but still spacious enough to house four adults, this tent can serve you well in all camping situations.

What we like:

What we don't like:

4. Coleman Dome Tent for Camping


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the Coleman Dome Tent for Camping:

The Carlsbad tent from Coleman might not be the most portable 4-person tent out there, but it packs so many benefits that it’s hard to ignore it. Ideal for families and tailgaters, this tent provides you with a generous sleeping area enhanced by an equally generous screen room.

Accommodating a queen-size air mattress or four people in sleeping bags, it impresses with thicker walls that resist water and wind better than the thinner nylon fabric. But that’s not it! The dark room technology keeps the interior almost dark, making it easy to sleep long past noon. An excellent choice for your relaxing camping trips.

What we like:

What we don't like:

5. LETHMIK Backpacking Automatic Instant Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the LETHMIK Backpacking Automatic Instant Tent:

The LETHMIK backpacking tent might not be the roomiest tent for four people out there. Actually, it’s pretty much on the small side. But while it’s more suitable for two adults and two kids than four grown-ups, it might just be the best 4 person tent for backpacking.

Indeed, the tent is lightweight and compact when packed. It might start to be a burden after miles of walking, but considering the easier trails you might hike with your kids, it’s still a great choice. The interior fits a queen size mattress, and overall, the tents stands up well to elements. It also comes at a price that won’t break the bank. More than enough reasons to consider it.

What we like:

What we don't like:

6. OT QOMOTOP 4 Person Camping Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the OT QOMOTOP 4 Person Camping Tent:

Providing plenty of space for a 4-person tent, the OT QOMOTOP boasts many interesting features. The tent is very easy to set up, usually in less than 5 minutes, and comes with a removable rainfly that reveals a panoramic mesh ceiling.

Mesh panels on the door and windows on all walls ensure proper ventilation on the hottest days, and you can simply zip up the solid panel flaps to trap in warmth or boost your privacy. Designed to resist moderate wind and rain, this tent is ideal for spring and summer camping.

What we like:

What we don't like:

7. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup:

Another entry from Coleman, this cabin tent with instant setup is a great choice for campers looking for minimum bulk yet maximum interior space. Near vertical walls maximize the interior area, making this tent suitable for full-size air mattresses and camping cots.

One of its greatest features are the darker colored walls that minimize the amount of light getting into your shelter. It won’t be as dark as the Coleman Dome Tent above, but you’ll still be able to take a nap or sleep past sunrise without being disturbed. Just perfect for camping with the kids.

What we like:

What we don't like:

8. KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent:

If you need a 3-season, 4-person tent that’s durable enough to resist for the years to come, the KAZOO is another outstanding choice. It is roomy when pitched and very compact when packed. Not light enough for backpacking, but still pretty lightweight compared to the average.

Designed to provide both warmth and proper airflow, it boasts durable 210D fly and bottom. Mesh walls under the fly, as well as windows and air vents, allow you to easily control the temperature. Other highlights include a mesh skylight and versatile door that transforms into a covered vestibule whenever you want to.

What we like:

What we don't like:

9. NACATIN 3-4 Person Family Camping Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the NACATIN 3-4 Person Family Camping Tent:

This tent might not be ideal for four adults, but it’s undeniably a great choice for two grown-ups and two kids. What makes it stand out is the high-quality construction delivered at a more than affordable price.

The tent holds up well to moderate wind and rain. Proper ventilation combined with solid panels for the doors make it perfect to use in spring, summer, and fall. A fly adds further protection from elements, but it can also be used on its own. All in all, a versatile choice for picnics or camping.

What we like:

What we don't like:

10. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person Tent


Technical Specs:

Why we picked the ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4-Person Tent:

Ending up our rundown, the Meramac by ALPS Mountaineering is similar to the Lynx tent above, but comes with a few different features. The tent can be used with or without the fly, depending on weather and season.

Easy to set up, it boasts two large entrances, one on each side, as well as mesh panels on the walls that provide plenty of ventilation. The head clearance is impressive, at 60 inches. Factory sealed seams and awning above both doors enhance water resistance. Large enough for two twin mattresses, it’s an excellent choice for anglers, scouters, as well as families.

What we like:

What we don't like:

4 Person Tent Buying Guide

Preferred by families and smaller gangs, 4 person tents mark the line between backpacking and car camping shelters. Some models are still light and pack compactly enough to take on a hike, but more often than not, this is the smallest size for a car camping or tailgating tent.

Due to this reason, choosing the best 4 person tent could be confusing. The first thing to consider before buying is your purpose. Are you usually driving or hiking to your campsite? Then, the guide below will help you learn what are the most important features the best 4 person tent must have.

What Types of 4 Person Tents Can I Choose From?

Best 4 person Tent to Choose From

Like the smaller 2-person or 3-person tents, 4 person tents come in two major types, for camping or backpacking.

  • Camping tents: Are designed to provide the occupants with more room. They are slightly larger than backpacking tents and often come with perks, such as large vestibules. Most car campers prefer the cabin tent design similar to the Coleman Cabin tent, that allows you to use camping cots instead of air mattresses or sleeping pads, but you can also find a variety of dome or ridge 4-person tents for camping. While these tents are larger and heavier than their backpacking variety, they are still perfect for campers who like to drive to the campsite.
  • Backpacking tents: Are undeniably lighter than car camping ones, but you’ll have to compromise on comfort. These tents, such as the NACATIN Family Camping Tent, are smaller, and four people will only fit at a tight squeeze. You might have to give up sleeping pads and mattresses too, and settle for laying directly on the floor in a sleeping bag. If you need a truly lightweight tent, you could focus on a single-wall model with aluminum poles, but these tents are usually expensive.

How Big is a 4 Person Tent?

Comfort is one of the first things to check when buying a shelter for four people. Especially if some of those people are children. But how big should a 4 person tent be?

While sizes vary greatly between brands, a quick look on the market reveals that most 4 person tents provide a floor space between 60 and 70 square feet. This size is usually big enough for a queen-size air mattress plus gear – or another twin air mattress – but typically too little for four adults.

Indeed, a standard 4 person tent is usually suitable for a couple or a family with up to two small kids.

If you want a tent that can sleep four adults comfortably, you could either upscale to a 6 person tent or go for a high-end (read expensive) 4 person tent that provides around 90 to 100 square feet of floor space.

Pitching Options

Best 4 person Tent Pitching Options

Now that you know what tent shapes you can choose from, there are three pitching options – traditional, instant, and pop-up.

  • Traditional pitch tents: Are the oldest models that come with separate poles and canopy. Pitching them often requires more than 10 minutes, and they are heavier than the other two types. Nevertheless, they are typically more resistant.
  • Instant tents: Come with pre-attached poles that simplify pitching. Erecting them requires under 10 minutes, and they are equally easy to dismantle. Some manufacturers make the poles removable, so you can replace them if they break, while others come with fixed poles that can’t be replaced.
  • Popup tents: A variety of instant tents, they are designed to literally pop up when removed from their bag. Pitching often takes under 5 minutes, but folding them back could be troublesome. These types of tents also come with permanent pre-attached poles that can’t be replaced if they break.

Tent Durability

If you don’t want to change the tent every season, we recommend choosing one made from high-quality materials, even if it might cost you more. A few things to look for include aluminum poles and ripstop tent fabric.

Weather and Climate

Both the climate of the region where you want to go camping and the predicted weather during your trip are important things to consider before buying your tent. There are several options to choose from:

  • Summer tents: Are lightweight and portable, but are made from thin fabrics. Ventilation in these tents is usually optimal; however, they often resist mild rain alone. The structure of the tent is also relatively light, and it might not withstand stronger gusts of wind. They are ideal for summer camping in warm climates, but unsuitable for camping in lower temperatures.
  • 3-season tents: Perhaps the most popular tents on the market, these tents boast sturdies structures and are made from thicker fabrics. More often than not, they consist of a main tent structure with mesh walls and a rainfly you can set up or remove, as needed. These types of tents usually resist to moderate to heavier rain, as well as stronger winds. Still lightweight enough to carry with ease, they might be heavier than summer tents. These tents, including the KAZOO Outdoors, are ideal for camping in all seasons except for heavy winter.
  • 4-season tents: Despite their name, 4-season tents are not actually four seasons. Indeed, they are more like winter tents. Made from thick fabrics and sturdy frames, they are designed to protect you from negative temperatures and resist to all elements, including heavy rain and strong winds. However, they have minimal ventilation holes and few mesh panels, so they overheat easily in milder temperatures.

With this in mind, we recommend a 3-season tent for year-round camping from early spring to late fall and a 4-season tent for winter camping.


What is The Best 4 Person Tent?

Finding the right balance between value and money may be tricky when looking for a tent. If you only camp during summer, the Coleman Sundome could be the best 4 person tent for you. A heavier-duty choice, such as the TETON, is surely a more appropriate choice if you want to camp in the colder season too.

How Much is a 4 Person Tent?

Prices vary from around $50 to $200 or more for the higher-end, 4-season tents.

What are the Dimensions of a 4 Person Tent?

Most 4-person tents measure 8 x 8 feet on average. If you don’t mind squeezing a bit, a smaller tent is undeniably a better choice for backpacking.

What is the Best Tent for a Family of 4?

The Lynx by ALPS Mountaineering tent is an excellent choice for families of four. Cabin tents not only provide more floor space, but they also have higher ceilings, so they are more comfortable to sit inside.

What Size Air Mattress Fits in a 4 Person Tent?

Four person tents are usually big enough to house two twin size mattresses or a queen size air mattress and additional gear.